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Adhd written by a to Pandora Rings zo A hope is a commit, let's begin.And consequently, repeatedly, i do you are for the cliff hanger. (I couldn stand it one of two).And crazy it, and who serial kills gerbils for a pastime. I feel however, that anyone can have these experiences they just need to open up how they see things.I know there is a book published that i have read through that talks about how to communicate telepathically with animals and alot of it has to do with meditative type exercises where you open open to all what are shut off. I would definitely write several more paragraphs but then erased them as it started to sound like a rant when Pandora Beads Sale 2014 all i wanted to say was good on you for being open about it the more open you are the more open you will be to the other things out there that us humans seem to like to close ourselves off to. Thanks to read by my post and for responding.You mentioned that there're to help one open to this sort of thing, and i responsive to that, which is just a thing that has always mystified me as lady gaga said, i was by using this method.I didn a single thing to earn it, didn create it.At times i felt a little guilty that others i learned about it have practiced assiduously various esoteric practices(Breathing, for example. )Or have taken part in some rituals and teachings, and i have had extremely similar experiences in see results about jewelry an instant.For some reason doesn seem fair, but there you have it.It like the guy who eats appropriate food choices, refrains from using, and jogs 15 km a day and drops dead of heart disease at age 40 go figure!Luck throughout the draw, and karma, i'm guessing.You just can never predict! I did read an essay once that made considerable sense to me.It was about children who are abused escaping their realities by relating to the worlds(My paraphrasall of usng)Nonetheless, sort of getting off the abuse as it happening and thereby accessing other realms(I am certain, this is all very clever, and timothy learyesque title of, but i think you alluded to this when you said had challenges to explore their brains, etc or not)In any case, i do think that people subjected to abuse or extremely hard, challenging situations have been documented as being sort of pushed into these altered states/realms and thereby acquire information we don always receive. As for the call between adhd and ocd, i learning alot more about the overlap between so many conditions, i think it has to do more with chemicals, as an example, challenges with dopamine levels is shared(Absolutely,)As part of the makeup of several mental medical ailments.But i there more to it than that, probably as you say a genetic thing too. All very important!The human being mind!The possible! Thanks again for bothering to comment, A few of my members of your family and i have joked that i a little psychic.One thing that not many of them know is that i knew when my dad was going to die.I was 15 and my parents went to a doctor meeting without telling me what it was really about.All i knew was that my dad was having troubles seeing, so once left, i guess it's time just to an opthamologist.They walked into your kitchen and without saying a word, i knew that my dad had cancer and that he wasn will make it through the summer.A so often later, he walked in to my get better at to wake me up.He never did this successfully;It was normally a sort of thing where he would turn the lights on and tell me to get up.This moment, for the, he gently called my name and told me to rise.Returning, obtaining saying a word, i knew that his mom had kicked the bucket in her sleep that night. That summer months time, i used my to spend as much time with my dad as you possibly.Ever subsequently, i been very careful of it, especially having so many friends in the military.I try to use it as a clue that i need to call or pray regarding.Perhaps though, i get overwhelmed by it and don can deal, so i completely tune it out until i get little memory joggers like i did today, when i on track singing a song, then activated pandora and it was playing, then a friend called while i was fascinated by her.I want to focus it(Better, i wish i could focus lots of things!Haya lol! ).I think a lot of it comes when i trying harder to become my intuition too.I curious to see what other people have to say of the matter! Seriously, ellyn, say thanks so much for sharing your story!Stimulating!And i totally bond. You brought to mind another one of mine. (Look the fact that the floodgates have opened! )I once dated this wonderful man with whom i been friends for a few years.We only dated passionately a few times, and on regarding the third date, he was telling me about his track record.As he spoke about his kidney issues, a thought experienced my head:Most likely die soon.It am weird, because he really wasn ill most things that would have led to his death in the immediate future, yet as he spoken, i just knew that he wasn going to live for a longer time. Seriously did love him, as an acquaintance, and perhaps we has been more.We had arrived much younger then(Which i hope gives me an acceptable reason), And had had a lot of deaths in my life at this point, And to be truthful, I just felt like I couldn handle falling in love with a man who would definitely die soon;I didn think i was sufficiently strong to endure the pain of that.I broke off our relationship problems. (Live and grasp;I have often questioned essentially and wondered how things would have turned out had i made a different choice did i potentially miss out on, even if we only been together some days? ) Affirmed, the next summer i received a call nevertheless my friend was in emerg, his heart had given up on, and they didn properly was wrong.I went smooth over to see him in emergency.He remained in hospital while they tried to find out what was wrong.The identification(Of a rare health problem)Was not made already happening to save him.He died 12 days in just his 32nd birthday.Here the spectacular thing:Although i tried to hightail it from my fate, i ended up spending a considerable time at his bedside in hospital.Even though my cowardly attempt to avoid the pain of losing him, i used to be at his side, together with his mom, pops, an aunt and older brother, when he took his last breathing.At some time, he explained, too much love within the room;Happened letting me go.It was one of the most wonderful deaths i witnessed(And as a consequence, for reasons uknown, i witnessed numerous).Ken death was a very sacred familiarity, and we all felt his presence for long periods after as we sat together, stunned by what we had just noticed. So there you have it.Lesson even noticed.We cannot escape what is intended as, and running away is not could.That on the what i took from it.Oh you, brilliant guitar which he left to me.Word of recommendation?Never promise a dying man you play guitar,(Never did perfect it, but i hope he satisfied that i now teach yourself to play electric bass.Maybe we be part of that great rock roll band on the horizon when it my turn to go care, Curiously enough, when i manic i also have particular powers.I can know what people are planning, i can predict all the horrible things that will happen, and i can heal somebody.Sadly nonetheless, when i tweak my substance these powers disappear. From a sociological angle, i find it exciting, how somebody with adhd says they are psychic people relate.And, when someone with bipolar/schizophrenia says something of that nature instantly it called a hallucination. I say this with a fully lucid mind.What if i really am more accessed the great universe when i manic?Discussion? I so grateful that you took the time to share your exposure to us.I hear feeling of injustice in your voice, and i truly sorry that feel invalidated when you relate your knowledge(If i construed your comment correctly). The expertise of not being taken seriously, of not having our truth respected for how it is, is painful whether you've adhd, the illness, schizophrenia, or anything that.As a female, i have again felt completely invalidated when i told a medical doctor what my condition is(Based on previous training), Only to be disrespected and treated as though I were not sure my own body.It critical point you making and i not sure how we can address it.I sure it has a lot to do with others(Mis)Ideas about bipolar/schizophrenia, specially the latter, where all the public knows is that schizophrenia is followed by hallucinatory manifestations. We actually, as a mankind(And everyone)Have quite a distance to go in our understandings.But it a unique journey, and i glad you conveyed part of yours.Thanks so much! (And i be very interested in your suggestions as to how we can get people to accept and understand how to separate these states).




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